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SC is in working regime
Not enough SC for navigation
There isn't ephemeris
Error (URE > 75m)
"Unhealthy" flag in ephemeris
"Unhealthy" flag in almanac
"Unhealthy" flag in ephemeris and almanac

     Monitoring is implemented on the basis of IAC tracking point measurements, located in Korolev, Moscow region (55.9° North and 37.8° East), using the data from dual frequency navigation receiver Legacy EGGD-T3 with every 30 seconds information update (on-line real-time mode on the data from one tracking point). On the graphical presentation of the navigation task solution results, the errors corresponding to the last epoch are marked by green color and light blue color corresponds to the last hour errors.

     The method used to identify failures in the work of GPS spacecrafts is based on the estimation of the measurement errors in the standard code URE (User Range Error). Corrections for the ionosphere impact are calculated by the Klobuchara (Klobuchar) model, and for the troposphere impact on the standard model.